The Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles

Have you had enough of those dark circles that leave you looking tired, worn out, and older, no matter whether you’ve had a good night’s sleep or not? We’ve all been there, and the truth is, concealer can only go so far in hiding them without actually addressing the true cause behind those circles.

From stress and hormone imbalance, to aging, free radical damage and poor sleep, there are so many factors responsible for dark circles around your eyes that trying to get rid of them can feel like fighting a losing battle. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

While you can’t always control life, you can manage your skincare. Changing your routine to include a high-quality eye cream can not only help reduce those stubborn dark circles, but it can give you a smoother, more radiant appearance. The question now is, how do you go about finding the best possible product?

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Five Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Eye Cream for Dark Circles

One - Check for Eye-Safe Ingredients

    Your eyes and the skin around them are incredibly delicate. So, if you’re going to use a product close to your eyes, you want to make sure it is not only effective, but that it’s also safe. First, check out the label. The company that makes the product can say a lot about what’s in it. If they try to hide their ingredients it’s a major red flag. For example, many companies get their ingredients from areas that are highly polluted -not exactly something you want to put anywhere on your body, much less on the fragile skin around your eyes.

    Next, look for clinical trials that include the eye cream formulation itself or included ingredients. For example, Nourishing Biologicals has gone above and beyond to complete multiple clinical studies, proving that their products are safe and effective. And, all of the testing is completed using human volunteers, ensuring that our eye cream is 100% cruelty-free. Even better, the results of that testing showed that out of 100 test, there were zero irritations or sensitivity reactions, so when you use Nourishing Biologicals products, you know you’re protected.

    If a company hasn’t performed these types of tests, they may be relying on the “buyer beware” mantra of skincare. In other words, many companies feel it’s up to you, not them to check the safety of the ingredients in their products. They worry only about selling their products and not about protecting their consumers. If this approach is the one a company chooses to take when it comes to your health and wellness, then that company isn’t good enough for you.

    Two - Dark Circles Only Improve with Skin Penetration

    Dark circles start below the surface of the skin, at the cellular level. This means, if a skin cream simply sits on top of the skin, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Instead, look for an eye cream that not only smoothes fine lines but also contains brightening chemical messengers and anti-inflammatory ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin, working where the problems begin.

    A good place to start your research is with the 500 Dalton theory, which recommends only trusting creams that provide clinical proof that their formulation includes molecules small enough to reach beneath the surface to improve dark circles at the cellular level.

    Put simply, large molecules don’t penetrate into the skin, while molecules smaller than 500 Daltons can easily slip through the top layers of your skin, reach your deepest skin cells, and produce real, visible changes. (Click here to see entire infographic)

    Three - Think About the Source of Dark Circles

    Dark circles are merely evidence of declining skin health. This means that if you want to rid yourself of the circles that leave you looking tired, you have to address all aspects of your skin’s health.

    George Sadowski MD of Nourishing Biologicals explains the role of skin health on even skin tone. “Skin is the largest organ visible. If your skin is not healthy, you’re going to have scales, discoloration, uneven color and flaking.”

    The best eye cream for dark circles is one that supports your skin’s health from within, so look for a cream that addresses all of the signs of aging and promotes more youthful function of the skin cells themselves.

    Other tips for boosting the health and beauty of your skin include eating right, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, and eliminating addictions, like smoking and alcohol. This will improve your general health and the overall look, feel and tone of your skin, particularly around your eyes.

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      Four - Look for Testimonials

      When searching for an eye cream that really works, you should also look at what other people say about the product. What was their experience? Did they see results? Did they purchase the same product a second time? If an eye cream has customers raving about what it did for them, it’s an excellent indication that you could see similar results.

        Five - Try a Product for Yourself

        Ultimately, there’s nothing like giving a product a try for yourself to see how effective it is. While many brands warn that you won’t see a noticeable difference until two, three, or even six months of product use, the truth is that when you use a quality eye cream with a proven track record, you should be able to see results quickly, especially if your dark circles are prominent.

        High-quality skincare brands will stand behind their products, allowing you to try them and make sure they deliver the results you want. That’s why Nourishing Biologicals backs up their products with an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with our eye cream, Nourishing Biologicals has a convenient customer service chat on the website with representatives standing by to assist you.